Types of membership

Ordinary members:

Companies that manufacture or distribute mushrooms as a food supplement or produce mushroom products for such purpose.

As a regular member you have the following advantages:

  • You have full access to protected web content on the website
  • You take influence in important industry relevant developments governing the distribution of edible mushrooms
  • You have a voice in important decisions of the association
  • You strengthen the association and protect your individual interests


Supporting members:

  • individuals / students
  • non-medical practitioners, nutritionists, medical professionals, etc.
  • associations

As a supporting member you receive our newsletter with industry-relevant developments governing the distribution of edible mushrooms.


Honorary members:

Free membership

Individuals who have been elected by the General Assembly for their special merits in the distribution of and compilation of information on edible mushrooms.


Guidelines for Members

For members the following requirements for the safe distribution, the proper advertising and the cooperation between the members are applicable and accessible here.


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