Objectives of FNMD

The "Federation of Nutritional Mushroom Distributors (FNMD)" (registered association under German law) was established for the purpose of representing and enforcing the joint interests of distributors of nutritional mushroom products before the national and European institutions and legislative bodies. In this sense, the FNMD sees itself as "voice of the nutritional mushroom industry" and will strive to ensure that the legal framework specifically for the use of more unusual mushrooms as a food supplement is changed for the better and their Europe wide distribution made legally watertight. Moreover, the FNMD wants to establish itself as an industry-relevant skills and knowledge centre within and outside its member's circles.

What the FNMD offers its members:

  • Information about relevant proposed legislation at the European and national level and elaboration of relevant statements or position papers
  • Information about current legal developments with relevance to the distributor of nutritional mushroom products and elaboration of relevant statements or position papers
  • Bundling of industry-relevant information from members in a member exclusive database
  • Elaboration of industry wide uniform guidelines and quality standards with relevance to distributors of nutritional mushroom distributors