Coprinus Comatus

Further designations: Schopftintling, Spargelpilz, Shaggy Inkcap, Sasakure Hitoyotake

The Coprinus grows wild in Europe, but also in Asia and has ever since been known as an excellent edible mushroom. He has a mild flavour and for its asparagus-like taste is also called the "Asparagus Mushroom". He has obtained his name Tintling due to the property to dissolve gradually into an ink-like liquid on aging. It is his special characteristic to spread his spores underground and not through the air. The fruiting bodies appear in Central Europe from April to November in the meadows as well as on paths and forest´s edges; the highlight of the fructification is achieved in September.
In addition to its advantages in taste Coprinus contains 20 amino acids, which are required for the synthesis of proteins in the human body. These include also the eight "essential amino acids" that are essential for the organism.