Lentinula Edodes

Further designations Shii-take, Lentinula edodes, Pasaniapilz, Shaingugu, Hua Gu, Qua Gu, Dried mushroom, Forest mushroom, Oak mushroom

Shiitake is already mentioned in ancient Chinese scripts about 2000 years ago. Its Chinese name Gu Xiang means "good fragrant mushroom" and reflects its culinary importance. It is a wood-dwelling fungus from the family of basidiomycete fungi relatives (Marasmiaceae) and grows wild in the forests of China and Japan.
The early beginning of its cultivation in China and Japan around the year 1000 after Christ is another indication of the high value that was attached to this fungus, which is enhanced by its designation as "King of Mushrooms". In the 1950s, he found his way to Europe and North America and has developed through its spicy flavour alongside the button mushroom and the oyster mushroom to a coveted edible mushroom. The taste is mild, sweetish and garlic-like.

The ingredients of Shiitake, as the polysaccharide lentinan, the high content of essential amino acids and vitamins make it the subject of scientific research.